The Ones We Will Always Carry

by Me and My Animal Friends

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You will always be a part of me.



released December 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Iridescent Vverevvolf Saint Simons Island, Georgia

Lesser/one-off projects and releases from the guy behind Corvid Canine

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Track Name: You Made Me Happy
Four words
My life would be complete to hear
As I once was
Because of The Other
Lost by his same hand
If I could give that to you
I most assuredly would

Given up is this dream
So I whisper to The Aether
Those words I held dear

You made me happy
Track Name: Learning to Live Without Bloodflow
The first night after we found out
We were dead to each other and the world went on
I found that the bed was so big
It could swallow me into my sadness

Wherever you are and whoever you’re with
I hope you know that I’m sorry for all the grief that I caused
I gave you all that I had left
And now I’m learning to live without blood flow
Track Name: Bad Habits
Your name is a habit I can’t seem to break
In loneliness, your ghost is my only companion

Of all the faces that I should have forgotten
Yours is one I can’t seem to shake

I’m sorry for the grief I caused
I wish I could have told you how I truly felt

Forgive me, because I can’t forgive you
Forget me, because I can’t forget you
Track Name: Ceramic Statue Skydiver
This is where I’ll stand until you tell me to move
Your face is braille and I can’t read you
Please tell me what I need to know
I need something concrete to break my fall

Shatter me into a million pieces
I’ll try to put my broken body back together

Break me
Track Name: An Hour and a Half Left of a Sub Par Year
The year ended as it began
With wet eyes under the weight of inadequacy
I know that it’s all my fault
Any happiness I built up for you

I ultimately destroyed with no hopes to be rebuilt

I followed my heart off a cliff
and pulled the ghost of love with me
What a revelation for New Years Eve
Track Name: My Two-Cents is Worth Just That
The disappointment is written across your face
i had the potential to be worth the effort
but it should be no surprise that I let you down
Nothing ever changes

Good for nothing
Waste of air
Incompetent and unable to fix myself

Maybe I can make my existence worthwhile someday
But how long will I make you wait?
Track Name: Falling Off the Bed Mid-Dream
I’m so used to being pushed away
I’ve come to crave the human contact
Sinking is a dead bird’s game
And I am the king of fallen sparrows

When the words fall silent
I’ll cut you out to make a new hole
Somewhere something new can grow

My hopes lie somewhere in fantasy
My fears, I can touch and taste
At least the pain is something real
Track Name: We Said Goodbye In Our Special Place
It’s obvious that I’m the one to blame

How can I love another when I’m in bed with my self
You are perfect and I am broken and wretched

I let you fall away
How could I love again?
The sun is setting on us
All dreams must find their end
Track Name: Houses In the Clouds
To be sure
I shouldn’t even give these thoughts a second chance
much less breathe life into their pathological absurdity
emotionally stuck in the years I should have long left behind

A bit of perspective shows how awfully far I have to go
And how little I’ve grown

I won’t ever be
Anything more
Than a starry eyed boy
Idealistic and tuned out
to the reality of it all
Track Name: The Ones We Will Always Carry
My thoughts still turn to you
Every once in awhile
I hope this finds you well

Let’s never speak again
But I want you to know
You taught me happiness
and I will not forget

I hope you find happiness in this life