Candy Rainclouds EP

by Me and My Animal Friends

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Follow up/reinvention from the 2010 debut. Sugary, sadboy emoviolence.


released January 23, 2015

Art/music/lyrics = Matthew Borders



all rights reserved


Iridescent Vverevvolf Saint Simons Island, Georgia

Lesser/one-off projects and releases from the guy behind Corvid Canine

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Track Name: Candy Rainclouds
The memories I have of you
I treasure more than words can say
I can’t stand to see your face or even hear your name
it’s such a sweet sorrow to recall what I felt for you
You will always be a special part of me
The pain in my chest I clutch
I hold on tightly because it’s all I have of you
I wasn’t alone when I was with you
Life made sense and the sun was shining

Now I find shelter in these candy rainclouds
so sweet and soft, they block out the light
Track Name: Cuddling With No One
I dreamed all night of holding you close
I felt so warm and safe
But now I’m so cold beneath these sheets

Holding close, a tearstained pillow
It’s hard to breath, suffocated by these feelings
I can only ask myself
“What the hell is wrong with me?”
So afraid of intimacy
I feel like the only one so scared to be touched
But it’s what I crave most above all things

If only you and I could fight the nightmares together
holding each other close through the inking black

Now I see that will be the dream against the lonely night
But when the sun comes through the window, reality finds me alone
Track Name: Kyle's Song
I hope you never hear this song I wrote for you
Because I’m scared you’ll see me for the pathetic boy I am
My emotions get the best of me and my heart aches for your affections
But I could never make you love me

I’ve never met a soul as beautiful as yours
and it kills me I’m not good enough to be the one by your side
and I would wait a thousand years if it meant you were at the end
waiting for me too, an open hand to hold mine

could I ever be worth fighting for in your eyes?

My heart is yours and I give it to you gladly
But that means nothing if you don’t reach out and take it
So I’ll dream of what could be, but that’s all it ever will be
I’d bring down a star just to hope that I’m wrong

I’m so afraid to lose you
Track Name: Seeds of Yellow Flowers
You’re so used to beautiful and exotic bouquets
Given freely by those who have much to give
I’ve never been good at growing flowers
All I have to give is a handful of dandelions

As worthless as this gift is
I can’t give any more to you
If I could, I would grow for you a forest
But who will plant a seed when the fruit is freely given?

How could you see anything more than a few dainty weeds in this offering of affection?
So I will keep them to myself, dreaming alone in a field of yellow flowers

The trees slowly disappear
no more shelter from the sun

Spring will come as it always has
And summer will see the dandelions turn white
August winds will carry the seeds far away
Leaving me alone again to face autumn in silence
Only an overcoat to keep my hands warm
As you lay in the arms of another
I cannot bear to try and give my broken heart away
So please forget me and leave me to fly away as the seeds of small yellow flowers